Since 2005, ALEA (a French word for haps of life) has supported musical creation, as it first started to produce Pierre de Bethmann’s projects, under Olivier de Bethmann and Jean-Noël Relier’s generous supervision.

It has produced lots of concerts, four major artistic residencies (including a current two year program for the Theatre de Saint-Quentin en Yvelines), six musical recordings, and many videos.

It has hired more than thirty musicians, has teamed with more than twenty regular partners (sound engineers, recording studios, instrument makers, backliners, graphic designers, photographers, video makers, record labels, distributors, promotion and booking agencies, artistic federations, collective rights management companies), and has dealt with countless concert organizers.

In 2015 ALEA moved up to a label, as it released Pierre de Bethmann’s first trio album ESSAIS / VOL1. Next steps are the release of the Medium Ensemble / Vol.2 EXO, and the reissue of Vol.1 SISYPHE, end of 2016.

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2017 - P2B Trio / Essais Vol.2 / Teaser