Essais / Volume 1 cover

2015, ALEA007

Pierre de Bethmann piano
Sylvain Romano b
Tony Rabeson dms

Recorded March 30 & 31, 2015, at Studio Recall (Pompignan) by Philippe Gaillot & Renaud van Welden
Mixed and mastered by Philippe Gaillot

Artwork and cover photo by Tim Miltat
Photos by Christophe Charpenel

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So many possibilities existed for coming back to a trio. One of them was simply not to pursue things and just let them happen and follow the direction the wind was blowing over the last years that had been so rich in shared projects.

Playing with no definite goal, loving to do the job and enjoying the taste of others, time and again… Could I ever have imagined that a new sense of something so evident could come out of another one of those parisian nights in the rue des Lombards? A last minute gig and a desire to meet up again with two people I had admired for such a long time, three sets of a disconcerting limpidity and an idea, born at the end of the night: “couldn’t we keep on doing it?” — That’s what I call strategy!


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