SHIFTERS  Shifters

Shifters cover

2018, ALEA010

Pierre de Bethmann piano
Laurent Coulondre org, kb
Pierre-Alain Tocanier dms
Stéphane Edouard perc

Recorded April 28, 29 and 30 at studio Barge Music (Vannes), by Philippe Gaillot and Jonathan Marcoz

Mixed and mastered Philippe Gaillot at studio Recall (Pompignan)

Artwork and cover photo by Tim Miltat

Live photos by Christophe Charpenel

Keyboards and percussions.

Besides his constant dedication for acoustic sound with his Trio and the Medium Ensemble, Pierre de Bethmann had the idea of a larger type of 4tet.

Starting on very simple melodic ideas, the pianist / keyboardist / vocalist / whistler called one of his most talented keyboard mates and an amazing rhythmic pair, to develop things in layers, and make smart use of multi types of harmonic and rhythmic combinations.

From hard groove to softer moments, the SHIFTERS offer a wide range of atmosphere, likely to evoke a world in permanent motion and reconstruction.

Eight originals, a maliciously twisted standard... 52mn of joyful music, recorded in 2014, originally for Plus Loin Music...

... and ends up to be ALEA's 5ths release.

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