Todhe Todhe cover

2019, ALEA011

Pierre de Bethmann piano
Stéphane Guillaume fl, ts
Sylvain Beuf as
David El Malek ts
Thomas Savy b-cl
Sylvain Gontard tp, flh
Denis Leloup tb
David Patrois vib, mar
Simon Tailleu b
Karl Jannuska dms

Recorded at Studio Ferber (Paris) July 10 & 11 2018 by Philippe Gaillot.
Mixed by Philippe Gaillot at Studio Recall (Pompignan)
Artwork by Tim Miltat.
Photos by Tim Miltat, Tom Spianti, Thomas Savy.

Choc Jazz Magazine
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2018 / P2B Medium Ensemble / Volume 3 / Teaser

TODHE TODHE is ALEA's 6th production, and a new step for the Medium Ensemble, after Sisyphe and Exo.

The combo is now reduced to 6 horn players, a very special combination between piano and vibraphone, and a highly efficient rhythm section, all exceptional soloists of the contemporary French jazz scene.

Based on a challenging repertoire, all written by the pianist-leader, the music is based on a very special group sound, and highly inspired soloists, often surrounded by collective play.

Nine compositions, written at the end of a two year residence program at the Théâtre de Saint Quentin en Yvelines in 2017 and 2018.

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