Essais / Volume 5 cover

2023, ALÉA015

Pierre de Bethmann piano
Nelson Veras g
Sylvain Romano b

Analog recording via CLASP by Philippe Gaillot at Studio Recall (Pompignan), July 27 et 28, 2022.
Mix by Philippe Gaillot at Studio Recall (Pompignan).
Mastering by Raphaël Jonin at Studio J Raph. ing (Cordes sur Ciel).
Artwork by Tim Miltat.
Photos by Gildas Boclé.

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Video teaser :
P2B Trio /// Essais, Vol 5 (Teaser)

Against all odds, the uncertain outcome of the pandemic did not make forecasts any easier, but spring 2022 offered Pierre de Bethmann's trio an important concert activity, with a constantly evolving repertoire, of which it was tempting to propose a recorded version.

And a finally new combination of piano - guitar - double bass, with a resolutely different sound than the previous trio, entered the studio during the summer of 2022, hence continuing the series of Essais under another approach.

Always fond of standards from multiple musical traditions, always deeply attached to the idea of proposing an original idea as much as deeply worked material over the course of the concerts, the trio is transcended by the exceptional personality of guitarist Nelson Veras, proposing all his rafinments to the two others.

Recorded as close as possible to concert conditions, all three musicians in the same room, without headphones, and using the CLASP analog system, this new album, in the continuation of the Essais series, is as much a milestones report as it is the beginning of a new stage of exploration on the infinite terrain of standards.

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